Spanish lawmakers call on the government to take steps to ensure the release of Armenian POWs

Twenty-seven members of the Spanish Congress, 13 members of the Senate, and 60 members of the parliament of various autonomous communities, city councils have asked the Spanish government to intervene to ensure the immediate release of all Armenian prisoners of war.

“Six months after the ceasefire agreement signed between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia on November 9, 2020, the Baku regime still refuses to comply with one of its main humanitarian provisions, the release of prisoners of war. According to the information received, more than 200 Armenian soldiers are held in Azerbaijani captivity,” the statement reads.

Unfortunately, the lawmakers say, “the OSCE Minsk Group could not prevent the war or protect its victims, but it should have at least been able to ensure that the humanitarian clause of the ceasefire agreement was respected. The implementation of this point is a precondition for achieving final peace through negotiations. Law must prevail over violence in this region, which cannot be abandoned in the conditions of barbarism and totalitarianism.”

They ask the Spanish government to use all its power and international influence to achieve the release of the Armenian prisoners of war.

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