Billboard in Massachusetts thanks President Biden for recognizing Armenian Genocide

 The Peace of Art, Inc. has displayed an electronic billboard erected on one of the busy highways in the state of Massachusetts to thank President Joe Biden for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The billboard presents two alternating screens. On the first screen the organization thanks President Biden for recognizing the Armenian Genocide, and on the second, it quotes President Biden’s statement on the occasion of Armenian Remembrance Day:  “The American people honor the memory of all Armenians who fell victim to the genocide 106 years ago today.”  President Joe Biden, April 24, 2021.”

In March 2021, on the eve of the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Peace of Art, Inc. launched its annual education campaign by displaying electronic billboards in the state of Massachusetts, USA. The message on this year’s billboards asks, “Mr. President, with honor, dignity and courage recognize the Armenian Genocide.” 
For the past twenty five years Peace of Art, Inc., has continuously called on America to recognize the Armenian Genocide.  On April 24, 2021, President Biden honored his promise and recognized the Armenian Genocide.  

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