Armenian PM steps down to trigger snap parliamentary elections

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan said in an address he will step down to trigger snap parliamentary elections. He will still carry out the responsibilities of the head of government.

“The parliamentary elections are possible only in the even the Prime Minister resigns and the National Assembly fails to elect Prime Minister twice. After this the Parliament is considered dissolved by virtue of law, and early parliamentary elections take place,” Pashinyan explained.

To hold the June 20 elections in full compliance with the law, Nikol Pashinyan will nominate his candidacy for the Prime Minister twice, other factions and MPs represented in the National Assembly will not nominate candidates. The parliamentary majority will not elect Pashinyan as Prime Minister, and the National Assembly will be considered dissolved.

Nikol Pashinyan said his Civil Contract Party will run in the elections, and he will be the candidate for Prime Minister.

“We will humbly obey the decision of the people, and will wholly carry out our commitment before the people. If people decide I should leave the Prime Minister’s post, I will obey that decision. If people decide I should continue performing my duties as Prime Minister, I will fulfil that decision,” Pashinyan stated.

He paid tribute to those who fell in the 44-day war and their families. He expressed support the families of the missing and wished endurance to those in captivity and their relatives.

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