Probe into unauthorized landing under way: Armenian aviation authority responds to reports on aircraft hijacking

The Armenian aviation authority has provided further clarification on the reported hijacking of a Boeing 737 plane.

According to the Civil Aviation Committee, there were no passengers on the plane, the pilots were foreign nationals.

The flight was of a technical nature, the information about the landing is under probe, the Committee said, adding that the unauthorized landing is being investigated.

In the interests of the examination, the Committee will inform of the final results upon completion of the investigation.

The comments come after former Adviser to Prime Minister Hakob Tshagharyan said in a Facebook post that on February 21 the aviation authorities of the United Arab Emirates had notified the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee about the hijacking of a Boeing-737 aircraft (registration number EK-FAA).

“The aircraft took off from Tallinn, Estonia and was expected to land in Yerevan, but made a decision to head for UAE for technical maintenance,” he claimed.

According to Tshagharyan, the plane eventually landed in Tehran due to technical malfunction.

The Civil Aviation Committee said earlier it had not received “officially confirmed information about the hijacking from the relevant bodies.”

The Committee said it was aware of the location of the aircraft and was working closely with the aviation authorities of the countries concerned.

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