No document on any territorial issue will be signed in Moscow, Armenian PM’s Spokesperson says

Economic issues will be discussed during the trilateral meeting between the Armenian Prime Minister, the Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan, PM’s Spokesperson Mane Govorgyan said.

According to her, reference will be made to the opening of regional communication routes, international cargo transportation, including from Armenia to the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as from the central parts of Armenia via Nakhichevan railway to Syunik region.

“The Azerbaijani side and some Armenian circles are constantly circulating the topic of the so-called “Meghri Corridor,” but as it has been mentioned many times, the trilateral statement of November 9 does not contain any provision on creating a corridor through Meghri or Armenia, in general,” she said.

She stressed that for the Armenian side, the issue of the return of the captives, the search for the bodies of the victims, the fate of the missing are crucial.

“Without a solution to these issues or significant progress, it will be extremely difficult to effectively discuss the economic agenda, and the Armenian side considers the discussion of this issue one of the key topics of the Moscow meeting,” Gevorgyan added.

She stressed that no document on the settlement of the Karabakh issue or any territorial issue is expected to be signed in Moscow.

The Spokesperson noted that a joint statement on the results of the meeting could be issued in case agreement is reached on issues on the agenda, i.e. economic issues, exchange of prisoners and missing persons.

The Prime Minister of Armenia, the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia are expected to meet in Moscow on January 11.

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