Azerbaijanis attempting offensives in Armenian military uniform – Artsakh Ombudsman

Reports from different sections of the frontline and soldiers indicate that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are attempting offensive operations in uniforms of the Armenian Armed Forces, Artsakh’s Human Rights Defender Artak Beglaryan says.

According to him, this pursues to goals. “First, Azerbaijan hopes to confuse the Armenian soldiers and succeed due to that. Second, they aim to artificially reduce the number of their casualties and hide the true number, as well as present them as casualties of the Armenian Forces during exchange of corpses,” the Ombudsman explains.

“According to soldiers who witnessed this, for example, Azerbaijan left around 40 corpses in Armenian uniform during an offensive operation that was stopped two weeks ago in the direction of Mataghis,” Beglaryan says, noting that the number of such casualties could be even larger.

“Moreover, it is probable that some of them are mercenary terrorists, considering the fact that no one will probably come after their corpses. In all cases, I am convinced that when bodies begin to be exchanged, it will be possible to prove the origin of these corpses through a professional methodology,” the Ombudsman concludes.

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