Drones that crashed in Georgia must be Israeli-made Harop, photos show

Photos of the remains of the drones that fell in Georgian on Wednesday show they must be Israeli-made kamikaze Harop, which is only used by Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region and is actively used in the ongoing war in Karabakh. reports.

The Georgian Ministry of Interior confirmed on the eve that two UAVs crashed on its territory.

The first drone reportedly fell in the village of Udabno, Sagarejo municipality, some 6 kilometers away from the Georgia-Azerbaijan border in the vicinity of David Gareji Monastery Complex. 

Pieces of another drone landed in the village of Sanavardo, Kvareli municipality, some 55 kilometers north-east from Udabno. 

No injuries were reported. The Georgian side immediately opened investigation into the incident.

According to, Harop is distinguished by high combat efficiency. It barrages on the battlefield for several hours and as soon as the target appears, the operator turns a suicide drone towards it.

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