Chris Cornell’s widow calls on fans to promote and share “The Promise” song

Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell, has called on  fans to promote and share “The Promise” song, Metalhead Zone reports.

She took to her official Instagram account to share a project that was really crucial for Chris and revealed the importance of it.

In 2016, The Promise movie released featuring famous actor Christian Bale, and its topic was the Armenian Genocide. The producer of the movie asked Chris Cornell to write a song for the movie and Chris accepted the offer.

Afterward, Chris released a song for this movie with the same name two months before his death, and he wanted to be the voice for the people who suffered from hatred and injustice. The song named ‘The Promise’ by Chris was also nominated for Grammy Award in the Best Rock Performance category.

In the caption, Vicky Cornell mentioned how much this song mattered to Chris and said that he put his heart and soul into this song to give people hope in the tough times. In this way, she showed how a kind-hearted person Chris is.

Also, this movie re-released on Netflix this month, and Vicky wanted help from the fans to promote this movie and the song to raise awareness about the latest project of Chris.

Here is what Vicky Cornell said:

“Please read and share. This song, project, and mission were personally important to Chris. He put his heart and soul into it to give people more hope given the hatred and injustices in the world today. It continues to be critically important to our family to fulfill his vision to #keepthepromise to #neverforget.

The impact of The Promise has been magnified thanks to streaming in the U.S. on Netflix ?? Once you have streamed the film, the platform may show a preview- Make sure to click back on the screen right away so you can hear the Grammy-nominated, anthemic title song by our dear friend… The legendary Chris Cornell…

Leaders in the human rights & Armenian advocacy communities successfully used the film as a tool to fortify their ongoing efforts to secure Armenian Genocide recognition in Congress.

Thanks to all of you out there, now the film is being used to teach more people than ever before about the atrocities committed against the Armenian, Greek & Assyrian populations by the Ottoman Empire.”

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