Moderna completes talks to supply Europe with 80 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna has announced it has concluded advanced exploratory talks with the European Commission to supply 80 million doses of mRNA-1273, Moderna’s vaccine candidate against COVID-19, as part of the European Commission’s goal to secure early access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for Europe.

The potential purchase agreement with the European Commission of 80 million doses provides for an option for Member States to purchase an additional 80 million doses for a total of up to 160 million doses. The discussions are intended to ensure that Member States have access to Moderna’s vaccine.

The Phase 3 study of mRNA-1273 began on July 27 and enrollment of approximately 30,000 participants is on track to complete in September. 

Moderna is scaling up global manufacturing to be able to deliver approximately 500 million doses per year and possibly up to 1 billion doses per year, beginning in 2021.

In Europe, the Company is working with its strategic manufacturing partners, Lonza of Switzerland and ROVI of Spain, for manufacturing and fill-finish outside of the United States. This is a dedicated supply chain to support Europe and countries other than the United States that enter into purchase agreements with Moderna.

“We appreciate the European Commission’s collaboration in helping to ensure that Europeans will have access to a safe and effective vaccine, and we are proud that the European Commission has recognized the potential of our mRNA vaccine technology. European partners, investors and citizens have been part of Moderna from the beginning of the company and have played an important role in Moderna’s progress,” said Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna.

“We are scaling up our international manufacturing capacity outside of the United States with our strategic partners, Lonza in Switzerland and Rovi in Spain, to be in a position to address this global health emergency with a vaccine that is widely available once approved for use,” he added.

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