Mane Tandilyan steps down as lawmaker, citing health issues

Member of the opposition Bright Armenia faction Mane Tandilyan has said she is stepping down as lawmaker, citing health issues.

“I have had health problems for some time, which I have tried to solve in parallel with my work. However, it became clear that they are no longer compatible with active parliamentary activity,” Tandilyan said in a Facebook post.

“I have to resign from my parliamentary powers, as well as quit my activity as member of the governing council of the Bright Armenia Party,” she added.

She thanked her political team “for the journey together,” and wished them new success for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia.

She also expressed gratitude and apologized to all people whose trust enabled her to engage in political activity and may have been disappointed.

“I have tried to justify your trust as much as possible, I hope I have succeeded to some extent,” Mane Tandilyan continued.

She extended special gratitude for all those who encouraged and stood by her during the most difficult moments of political activity.

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