Azerbaijanis instigate violence at London’s Armenian Embassy

Asbarez – A violent scuffle broke out Friday in front of the Armenian Embassy in London, when a group of Azerbaijanis, who had gathered there to protest what they called “Armenian Aggression” began hurling insults to Armenian community members and throwing punches at them.

According to Annette Moskofian, the chairperson of the Armenian National Committee of London, the community became aware of the Azerbaijani protests through social media, promoting members of the Armenian Youth Federation, the Armenian Community Council of London and Bishop Hovakim Manukyan, the Primate of the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland, to go to the Embassy building, located in the Kensington neighborhood, to prevent any potential damage that might have been caused by the demonstrators.

The Azerbaijani protesters, who had gathered across the street, immediately began hurling vulgar insults and cussing at the Armenians, who were chanting “we want peace,” Moskofian told Asbarez on Friday.

The Azerbaijani protesters crossed the street and began attacking the Armenians and fighting ensued in the street, which, according to Moskofian, the police was unsuccessful at containing and controlling the crowd. She explained that there were not enough police officers at the scene, prompting her to urge them to call for back. She explained that once more officers arrived that Azerbaijani protests were separated away from the Armenians and the Embassy building.

The police told Moskofian that the entire incident, including the Azerbaijani protesters’ violations were recorded and would be available to the Armenian Community Council.

The protest was dispersed after an hour.

There is a large Azerbaijani community in London, mainly comprised of students and their families, Moskofian explained, adding that their activities and the Azerbaijani lobby in general is well funded by Baku.

A day earlier, a motion to condemn “Armenian Aggression” was introduced in Parliament, but if failed, only garnering four votes in favor. The ANC of London is calling on the community to contact their representatives in Parliament to urge them to condemn Azerbaijani aggression, in a campaign fittingly called “change the narrative.”

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