Armenian mission completes de-mining of two minefields in Aleppo

The Armenian Humanitarian Mission in Aleppo has handed over two de-mined areas to the local authorities.

Armenian de-miners have cleared two minefields with a total area of 51,000 square meters. More than 200 pieces of ammunition, including anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, artillery shells and air bomb remnants and improvised explosive devices were found and neutralized.

The maps of the demined areas were also handed over to Aleppo authorities in a solemn ceremony on May 25.

Attending the ceremony were the Deputy Governor of Aleppo Ahmad al-Yassin, Armenia’s Consul General Armen Sargsyan, the leadership of the Russian centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria, representative of humanitarian mission Arkady Tonoyan, local authorities, religious leaders of the Armenian Diocese and others.

Arkady Tonoyan briefed the guests on the demining process, presented the work done this year and voiced confidence that the activities would continue.

Deputy Governor Ahmad al-Yassin, in turn, attached importance to the activity of the center, and voiced hope that the demining process would allow the people of Aleppo to return to their homes.

Throughout its presence in Syria, the Armenian Humanitarian Mission has cleared an area of 142,000 square meters.

The Syrian side expressed gratitude to the brotherly nation for saving lives and devoted support, noting that the historic day once again testify to the centuries-long griendship between the two peoples.

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