Armenian Health Minister worried about Covid-19 conspiracy theories running rampant

Armenian Health Minister is concerned by the fact that the number of people who believe in conspiracy theories grows as the incidence of coronavirus disease increases.

“This fact worries us from the point of view that people may lose vigilance. And this means that in the near future all this can contribute to more cases,” Minister Arsen Torosyan said in a Facebook post.

According to Minister Torosyan expressions such as “We will definitely be chipped,” “There is no such disease,” “We will not be touched,” “It’s a global bluff,” “Everything is a lie,” “It is to get funding from abroad” and others can be found in the posts of individual users, who also “leave an opinion” in the comments of the materials published by the media. Such opinions are also widely covered by the media, he added.

“We do not want our population to lose vigilance, and if this trend continues, we will have to forward the information about those who spread such false and unsubstantiated news to the law enforcement agencies, first of all, to understand who stands behind them and what is the motive for harming our citizens,” Torosyan noted.

Taking into account the statistics of the last days, he urges everyone to be more careful, comply with all the instructions to stop the spread of the disease, and follow only official news as a reliable source of information.

Today Armenia reported a record number of 351 single-day cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number to 4,823.

A total of 2,019 people have recovered, 61 deaths have been confirmed.

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