EU to provide agricultural machinery to northern regions of Armenia

Given the current state of emergency of Covid-19 and the needs of vulnerable producers for small-scale agricultural machinery, the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency within the EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) project, will provide small-scale tillage machines (motoblocks) to the communities of Shirak, Tavush and Lori regions.

The equipment will be used in a rotating manner by vulnerable producers identified in the communities, who are ready to expand the production of vegetables and directly use the provided support (motorblocks).

The first visit to handover of the agricultural machinery will take place on May 13 in Amasia and Sarapat communities of Shirak region. The project will deliver the equipment to the mentioned communities of Shirak region and will provide an educational demonstration on the operation of the equipment.

  • The beneficiary rural settlements of Sarapat community are: Goghovit, Sarapat, Musayelyan, Arpeni, Tsoghamarg, Torosgyugh. The European Union will provide 5 motoblocks here.
  • The beneficiary rural communities of Amasia community are: Amasia, Aregnadem, Bandivan, Gtashen, Jrajor, Hovtun, Voghji, Meghrashat, Byurakn. Here the European Union will provide 6 motoblocks.

The handover of the agricultural machinery will be an open air event. This event is part of the European Union’s immediate assistance in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in the agricultural sector.

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