Kim Kardashian says proud the US has recognized the Armenian Genocide

On 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, TV personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has said she feels proud the United States has recognized it.

“Today is the 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and I’m so proud that America has recognized this,” Kim said in a Twitter post.

She shared some poems written by grandchildren of genocide survivors to mark the anniversary.

“The Serpent and The Crane” is a spoken word album by poet/musician/educator Alan Semerdjian and guitarist Aram Bajakian.

The project attempts to bring the work of Armenian authors who have, in one way or another, addressed the complexities of the Armenian Genocide and its denial over the past century to new audiences through an imaginative lens.

The poems in this collection are authored by Peter Balakian, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Alan Semerdjian, Siamanto, and Daniel Varoujan.

Alan and Aram also did a collaboration/time-lapse video with artist Kevork Mourad, which is the first track on the album and live now. Watch this video in honor of the Armenian Genocide and the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

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