European countries take steps to ease lockdown

After weeks of imposing restrictions to public life, many European countries are beginning to ease lockdown measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Deutsche Welle reports.

 Kindergartens in Norway have reopened as the country gradually relaxes a monthlong coronavirus lockdown.

Primary school pupils are expected to return to class next week, with higher grades to follow before the summer, the government said. 

The Nordic country has registered 7,068 coronavirus cases and 154 deaths.

According to the BBC, the Czech Republic is beginning the first of a five-stage relaxation of the lockdown today.

Farmers’ markets, car dealerships and some other small businesses will be allowed to reopen for the first time since 12 March, when the country introduced one of the earliest lockdowns in Europe.

The government will discuss easing travel restrictions on Monday. Over 6,700 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Czech Republic, along with 186 virus-related deaths.

On Monday, in Germany small shops will be allowed to open and schools will resume for those classes that have graduation exams coming up.

Last week Berlin said the infection rate had slowed and that the outbreak was under control – while warning that people had to remain vigilant to avoid a second wave of infections.

Also from Monday, Poland will re-open parks and forests and in Norway, nursery schools will reopen their doors to children. The Czech Republic will allow open-air markets to trade and in Albania, the mining and oil industries can operate again.

However, Spain, which has one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns, and France have both decided to hold off on relaxation of measures for a few more weeks. In Spain though, children will be allowed some time outside from next week.

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