Armenian Humanitarian Mission hands over medical supplies to Syrian medical facilities

In cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia and the Syrian Aid Cross in Aleppo, the Humanitarian Mission of the Republic of Armenia has transferred medical supplies to the Armenian Nursing Home in Aleppo, the Darmanatoun Social Medical Center and a number of other medical facilities.

Members of the Syrian Aid Cross and the Darmanatoun Community Medical Center leadership expressed gratitude to Armenian doctors for the medical care provided at a number of medical facilities.

The head of the Aleppo military hospital, General Fayez al-Ayoubi, praised the joint efforts of Armenian and Syrian doctors, their dedicated work, high professional qualities, not only in providing medical assistance to those affected by the war, but also for their readiness to fight any threat.

“Our Armenian partners are committed to the noble principles of humanity and help the Syrian people with a professional approach every day. The Syrian people appreciate that Armenians are with us in this difficult situation,” said the general.

The Director of the Hospital thanked the Armenian Humanitarian Group, the Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Aleppo and the authorities for their continuous support.

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