Armenian MFA issues travel advice regarding the spread of COVID-19

Taking into account the current situation related to the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the citizens of Armenia to limit their trips abroad, unless there is an urgent need.

“In any case while planning a trip, be guided by the statistics of International Health Organization on the spread of virus and temporary avoid visiting countries of the spread of COVID-19, particularly South Korea, Japan, the United States of America, as well as EU and other European countries (mostly Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Austria),” the Ministry said in a statement.

In case of currently being or visiting the above-mentioned countries, Armenian nationals are advised to follow the instructions and advice of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia or the relevant authorities of that country, as well as contact the relevant diplomatic representation of Armenia.

The citizens of the Republic of Armenia returning from the countries with wide spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), depending on original country/countries of arrival, should be subjected to a 14-day self-isolation, unless decision on special quarantine is made. 

At the same time, the Ministry urges the citizens of Armenia abroad or planning a trip abroad to apply for consular registration, which can be done through automated system.  

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