Aleppo Airport welcomes first flight from Damascus in nine years

Aleppo International Airport on Wednesday welcomed the first flight from Damascus, as the airport was opened to air traffic after more than eight-years hiatus in fear for the safety and security of the passengers, SANA reports.

The airport was re-opened after the Syrian forces achieved serious gains in Aleppo Province and after announcing the city of Aleppo completely safe from terrorism.

In a statement to journalists on board the plane, Transport Minister Eng. Ali Hammoud said that “putting Aleppo International Airport into service again, and the return of the internal flight, and later the external flights is a significant victory which has been achieved thanks to the scarifies of the heroic Syrian Army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people who stand by their army to liberate Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian Arab territories.”

The schedule of other flights from Aleppo International Airport to Cairo and Damascus will be announced in the coming few days.

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