Trump hails ‘American comeback’ as Pelosi rips up the President’s speech

President Donald Trump has hailed the “great American comeback” in a speech to Congress that exposed sharp divisions at the top of US politics, CNN reports.

At his annual State of the Union address, Mr Trump set out his case for another four years in office.

He was speaking on the eve of his expected acquittal on corruption charges in his impeachment trial.

In two stunning moments that book-ended the evening, Trump, as he began his speech, turned his back on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s outstretched hand in a snub that encapsulated their boiling bad blood.

Then, after he wrapped up, Pelosi, channeling her disgusted and outraged Democratic members, ostentatiously tore up the speech in full view of the cameras.

The Republican president delivered Tuesday night’s nationally televised speech in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, where he was impeached in December.

His trial in the upper chamber, the Senate, culminates on Wednesday but with Republicans in charge there he is all but certain to be cleared and escape being thrown out of office.

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