Daron Acemoglu not offered a post in Turkish government – Report

Turkish journalist Fatih Altayli denies reports that Daron Acemoglu –  a Turkish born economist of Armenian descent –  has been offered a post in Turkey’s new government.

According to him, no one from the Turkish government has contacted the world famous economist despite rumors that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been considering to propose him to take the reins of Turkey’s economy in his new cabinet.

“Daron Acemoglu does not even know about such a thing,” the Haberturk columnist writes.

“No contacts have been made with him, no information on any such offer has been transmitted to him,” Altayli writes.

Moreover, he says, even if such an offer comes, it is unlikely that Daron Acemoglu will accept this offer at this time.

“Due to his academic work, his relationship with MIT, and some counseling duties he has been pursuing, Acemoglu is too intense and does not seem to have any intention to interrupt the academic work,” the journalist says.

An earlier report in the same Haberturk newspaper claimed that according to a credible source, Acemoglu was among the names President Erdogan was planning to work together in his new government.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a video-conference with Daron Acemoglu last month.

The economist expressed willingness to support the Armenian government in any format on its path of development, democratization and reforms.

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