Shift to parliamentary republic not to affect Armenia’s relations with outer world, ex-President says

The government is the supreme authority and the Prime Minister determines the main directions of foreign and domestic policy, Armenia’s ex-President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview with Izvestia, as he explained the ongoing reforms in the country.

“The parliamentary system envisages strong executive power, to which the government is fully accountable,” he said.

“As head of state, the President, guided by public interests, will follow that the Constitution is observed. In some cases he can challenge legislative acts, refer them to the Constitutional Court and refuse to sign them,” Mr. Sargsyan said.

He assured that the shift to the parliamentary form of government will not change Armenia’s relations with the outer world. “Changes in domestic and foreign policy can occur only when the parliamentary majority decides so. What’s important is that the Foreign Minister is guided in his actions by instructions received from the Prime Minister,” the ex-President said.

“The Russian Armenian allied relations are based on friendship and brotherhood that have passed the test of centuries. Together we have walked through centuries, and the parliamentary majority headed by the Republican Party and its coalition partner Dashnaktsutyun will continue to consistently develop and strengthen the allied relations with Russia. This will positively affect the development of Armenia,” Serzh Sarsgsyan stated.

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