Junior Eurovision 2015: Armenia’s Mika spreads love to everyone – Video

Armenia was the first country to have its second rehearsal after lunch and Mika gave us another powerful performance, according to Eurovision’s official website.

Mika was wearing a pink suit and a white shirt, and his backing vocalists and dancers (his ‘muses’, in his words!) were also wearing pink costumes with glitter. It all starts with a wide shot of the stage and the audience at the Arena Armeec, and then it approaches to the stage, where a big Earth displayed on the backdrops turns around full with pixel hearts, Mika’s symbol.

However, Armenia’s backgrounds are very dynamic so you will see pink and grey colors, the word ‘Love’ written on the backdrop and white lights.

Armenia’s entry ‘Love’ will perform 11th at this Saturday’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest Final.

Mika 9 Mika 8 Mika 7 Mika 6 Mika 5 Mika 13 Mika 12 Mika 11

Pictures from Armenia’s second rehearsal. Photo: EBU (Credit: Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)

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