A cultural haven and classic media: Armen Amiryan about Public Radio of Armenia





The creation of the radio in 1895 changed a lot in our life. The radio reached Armenia in 1926, and this year the Public Radio of Armenia celebrates the 89th anniversary.

Speaking on the threshold of the Radio Day (May 7), Armen Amiryan, Executive Director of the Public Radio of Armenia, said “today the Public Radio is both a cultural haven and classic media.

Armen Amiryan does not share the opinion that with the creation of television, radio lost its role and importance. “Technically the Public Radio is more accessible to public,” he told a press conference today.

The Executive Director said “we use all possible modern technologies to make the Public Radio accessible to listeners and readers.” These include the three-language website, social networks, mobile applications, etc.

The Public Radio of Armenia broadcasts in fourteen languages, including Azerbaijani and Turkish. According to Armen Amiryan, this is natural, as “every country in conflict has a message to convey to the neighbors.”

The Executive Director said efforts should be directed at covering the whole FM band in Artsakh to silence the signals of the neighboring countries. The issue was recently discussed with NKR President Bako Sahakyan, he said.

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