Tragedy in Gyumri: Six members of one family killed

Anna Martikyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Six members of the same family were killed in Gyumri this morning. A six-month baby found at the site of the crime has been taken to hospital with heavy wounds in the chest.

According to preliminary information, the murder has been committed by a Russian serviceman from the  military base in Gyumri.

Spokesperson of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia Sona Truzyan has said the main suspect is Valery Permyakov, who has reportedly escaped from the Gyumri military base.

“Military boots with the name and surname of the serviceman have been found at the site,” she added. An AK 74 rifle and 5.45 mm caliber shells have also been found.

Probe into the details of the case is under way.

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