The 6 most ancient countries of the world: Armenia among them

The first states emerged about 6,000 years ago, but not all of them have survived. Some disappeared forever, others have only their name left. A Russian website presents the six modern countries that have maintained links with the Ancient World. These include Armenia, Iran, China, Greece, Egypt and Japan.

“The history of Armenians statehood counts 2,500 years, but its roots should be looked for even deeper, in the Kingdom of Arme-Shupria (12th century BC), which, according to historian Boris Piatrovsky, grew into a Scythian-Armenian union in the 7-6th centuries BC,” the website reminds.

According to the report, Ancient Armenia was a conglomerate of kingdoms and states, which existed simultaneously or successes each other. The website notes that the term “Armenia” was first mentioned in the Behistun inscription (521 BC) of the King of Persia, Darius I, who used the name to describe the Persian satrapy on the territory of the Kingdom of Urartu.

The Kingdom of Ararat that was later formed in the valley of Araks Ruver served as a basis for three others – Sofena, Lesser Armenia and Great Armenia. Starting from 3rd century BC the center of the political and cultural life of the Armenian nation moved to the Ararat Valley.

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