ISIS sets up ‘price list’ for enslaved girls

A day after a chilling video emerged showing Islamic State fighters laughing and haggling about buying enslaved girls, some as young as 15, a “price list” has been released.

A document obtained by says a Yazidi or Christian woman can be bought for about $43, the Daily Mail reports. Children between the ages of 1 and 9 are worth four times that amount.

The document also says the slavery market has not been as lucrative lately.

“The market to sell women and spoils of war has been experiencing a significant decrease, which has adversely affected ISIS revenue and financing of the Mujahideen,” it said.

ISIS threatens to execute anyone who violates the price controls. No one can buy more than three slaves — unless they are foreigners such as Turks and Syrians.

In the video shot in Mosul in Iraq and released Monday, the thugs are seen bartering over the ethnic minority girls on “slave market day.”

Young girls with blue and green eyes are worth more, they say.

“If she is 15 years old, I have to check her, check her teeth,” one of the fighters says on the video. “If she doesn’t have teeth, why would I want her?”

A seller announces, “I will sell her for a Glock,” referring to the popular pistol.

The UN has confirmed that thousands of Yazidis have been killed by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq.

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