PM Hovik Abrahamyan attends “Last Bell” events

Last school bell is held today in Armenia’s public schools. On this occasion, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan visited high school N119 in Yerevan to take part in a Last Bell-dedicated event, which was also attended by Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan, Head of National Assembly standing committee on science, education, culture, youth and sports affairs Ruzanna Mouradyan, parents and guests.

On behalf of his government and himself, the Prime Minister congratulated the graduates, wishing them a green light. “I am proud of you – our future generation. In my capacity of Prime Minister, I am very much pleased that we have good students like you.”

The Premier urged the pupils to study and gain experience in order to be successful in life. Hovik Abrahamyan thanked the teachers for patriotic activity aimed at educating the rising generation in a patriotic spirit and inspiring them with the sense of civic duty.

Then the Premier watched a concert staged by the pupils. After the concert, Hovik Abrahamyan shared his school-time recollections with the reporters: “My school years are the most memorable time for me, and I was sincere in my remarks addressed to future generations – today’s graduates. I am convinced that they will succeed, if they abide by my appeal.”

The head of government emphasized that there are more opportunities to get knowledge today than when he was a child. The authorities will do everything to provide a propitious environment for educating the future generation.

“I always get enthusiastic after meetings like this, filled with a strong belief that the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh will enjoy a bright future, and that we are bound to have a strong Artsakh and a powerful Armenia,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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