Armenia will manage to combine the cooperation with the Customs Union and the EU, political scientist says

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Armenia will manage to use and combine the economic and military-political advantage it will get within the framework of the Customs Union with the programs proposed by the European Union, political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan told a press conference today. According to him, the refusal to sign the Association Agreement cannot hinder the development of relations with the EU in the political dimension.

According to political analyst Manvel Sargsyan, the integration programs offered by Europe and Russia and the turmoil around them are only the formal side of the issue.  Russia declares it’s our strategic partner and at the same time sells weapons to Azerbaijan. Simultaneously, Russia ties Armenia’s hands with its military base in Gyumri. “We are entering a heaviest period, which could have very bad results. We have seen this throughout history,” Manvel Sargsyan stated.

Hrant Melik Shahnazaryan said the agreement on the supply of weapons to Armenia at Russia’s internal prices was very important.

According to him, Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union stems from the geopolitical situation in the region and the existing military and economic challenges.

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