EU not to extend the activity of the EU Advisory Group in Armenia

Artak Barseghyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The EU Advisory Group held its fourteenth regular Board Meeting today co-chaired by the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, and Artur Baghdasaryan, Secretary of the National Security Council.

The EU Advisory Group delivered its latest assessment on the key challenges and work ahead for Armenia. The report pays particular attention to reforms needed in criminal, administrative and civil justice. It also provides recommendations and what is required to overcome the growing challenges in the country where human trafficking, cybercrime, money laundering and financial crime are concerned.

Gaps also remain in terms of democracy and human rights. The report recommends strengthening administrative capacity of the National Assembly, bolstering relations with civil society and addressing EU recommendations and those of International Treaty bodies to promote human rights. Reform of the civil service system, as well as development of a new anti-corruption strategy is also highlighted in the report.

Commenting on the report, the Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea said, “The progress that has been made so far is encouraging, but there is more work to be done to ensure successful implementation of reforms in Armenia.”

The Armenia-EU Action Plan for 2012-2013 is expiring, the mandate of the EU Advisory Group is also coming to an end. Arthur Baghdasaryan expressed confidence that the Group would extend its activity in our country under a new two-year program, which is currently under elaboration and will be presented to the European side next month.

Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea said the cooperation will continue after the Vilnius Summit, as well. He noted that some directions of cooperation became less urgent after Armenia announced about the decision to join the Customs Union, but the advisory assistance will focus on spheres  of bilateral interest.

As Armenia is not going to sign the Association Agreement, the EU intends to terminate the activity of the Advisory Group in Armenia, Ambassador Hristea said. He promised to present the wish of the Armenian side to continue the cooperation with EU advisers in a new format – as an important tool for promoting reforms.

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