BBC about Syrian Armenians

BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent radio program presents a report about Syrian Armenians.

Yerevan, in Armenia, is the homeland of an international Diaspora famous for its commercial sense and its willingness to go a long way to explore new opportunities,”

Armenian émigré communities have sprung up across the world – and certainly across the Middle East – but the Armenians of Syria have come under particular pressure recently as the conflict there escalates.

BBC’s Kieran Cooke spends time in a shoe shop with a family who recently left Aleppo, and hears what they make of the current situation.

The report reminds that Armenians once fled the Ottoman Empire in 1915 and settled in Syria, but now many are fleeing the conflict in Syria and going back to Armenia.

Click here to listen to the program (start listening from the 4.30th minute).

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