Queen marks Coronation anniversary at Westminster Abbey

The Queen Elisabeth II has joined 2,000 guests for a service at Westminster Abbey to mark 60 years since her Coronation, the BBC reports.

The Queen was accompanied by more than 20 members of her family, including the Duke of Edinburgh, who pulled out of an engagement on Monday night because he was feeling unwell.

Several key items from the Coronation were placed in Westminster Abbey for the service.

They included the heavy, solid gold St Edward’s Crown, displayed on the High Altar – the first time it has left the Tower of London since 1953.

Beside it was the Ampulla, the gold, eagle shaped bottle from which the holy oil was poured for the Queen’s anointing.

The Coronation Chair, one of the oldest pieces of English furniture still in use, was also on show.

The Queen and Prince Philip entered Westminster Abbey to the same music that greeted her in 1953.

Back then, aged 27, she was the 38th sovereign to be crowned in an abbey that has been conducting such ceremonies since the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066.

The Archbishop of Canterbury told those gathered in the abbey the Coronation had been “an ordination, a setting aside of a person for service”.

He said that during the ceremony the Queen knelt at the abbey’s altar and prayed.

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