Czech Senate Committee expresses concern over Safarov release

The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, led by Committee Chairman Jozef Regec, unanimously adopted on Tuesday Senator Jaromír Štětina’s resolution, whereby the Committee expressed its concern over the Ramil Safarov case.

“The Committee expresses its deep concern and regret that the Azerbaijani president decided to grant pardon to Ramil Safarov, whom the court of a European Union member state had sentenced for murder; it considers this decision by the Azerbaijani president—as a symbolic move—that could add to further escalation of tension in relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan; also, it is concerned that this decision would hamper the reconciliation process of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict-affected societies, and jeopardizes the future chance for a peaceful development of interpersonal contacts in the region,” the motion reads

The Committee commissioned it Chairman, Senator Jozef Regec, to inform the Senate President about this resolution.

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