Retailers in Armenia now banned from displaying tobacco products and substitutes

Retailers in Armenia are now banned from displaying tobacco products as some important provisions of tobacco control law come into force.

On 11 February 2020, the Parliament of Armenia voted to pass the Law on reduction and prevention of harm to health as a result of use of tobacco products and their substitutes.

These provisions prohibit the public display of any tobacco product, such as traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, liquid-based nicotine products (vapes), and electronic nicotine delivery devices at trade centers or in public catering establishments, says MP Arsen Torosyan, who was Minister of Health at the time the law passed.

The public display of empty boxes, blocks, trademarks or symbols is also prohibited.

Arsen Torosayn says “the full application of these provisions over time will significantly reduce tobacco use in the country, which will significantly improve the health of the population and the development of the country’s economy.”

 The ban on smoking in cafés and restaurants will come into force in March 2022.

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