Armenian Ombudsman insists on demilitarized zone at the line of contact with Azerbaijani forces

Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan insists on the urgent need for establishment of demilitarized security zone in the areas of contact with the Azerbaijani forces.

“It is the fundamental guarantee of the rights of border residents of Armenia,” the Ombudsman said at a press conference today.

The Human Rights Defender’s staff has documented the criminal acts of Azerbaijan in Armenia’s border villages. The documents will be sent to relevant state bodies and international organizations.

“We have substantiated the need for a security zone and stressed that the Azerbaijani troops, flags, equipment should be removed from the immediate vicinity of Armenian villages and the roads connecting the communities,” Tatoyan told reporters.  

He stressed that without this, normal life of people and their rights cannot be restored.

“The ad hoc report shows that their deployments are, without exception, unlawful,” the Defender stressed.

He emphasized the need to analyze cadaster documents, issues of land ownership.

“In some cases we see the Azerbaijani armed forces physically present on the lands belonging to people from the Soviet times. There is a clear international demand that the delimitation and demarcation of borders cannot be considered legitimate if human rights are not ensured, the rules of democracy have not been respected, normal life of the population is not guaranteed, “Arman Tatoyan said.

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