MP Tatevik Hayrapetyan raises the issue of Armenian POWs at PACE

Member of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly to the Council of Europe (PACE) Tatevik Hayrapetyan raise the issue of Armenian prisoners of war at PACE summer session.

She presented the conversation that took place between Azerbaijani President Ilham Alyev and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wife․

On their way to occupier Shushi, she asks Mr. Aliyev: “Are there many Armenian prisoners of war in Baku? And he happily responds “Yes, yes, there are so many prisoners of war.” She then says “Oh, so good. Return them in small portions.”

“This is literally what they say,” Hovhannisyan said, stressing that this is a behavior of leaders of two Council of Europe member states.   

“This not only contradicts the logic of international law, this is insane, inhumane. Every time we come here, the families of the prisoners of war ask us what Europe is doing, what we are doing here. We say they discuss, they condemn, and as a result we have very little portions of prisoners of war, but there are so many families still suffering,” the MP said.

“It has been more than half a year the statement on ceasefire was signed, and Armenia has done its part of the deal, while Azerbaijan, it’s Azerbaijan that refuses,” she noted.

“Peace is not simply a beautiful word. We value peace more than anyone the world, because we know what it means to be in war, what it means to lose the beloved ones, but peace means actions, peace means hard work, and  the Azerbaijan way of making peace is to enter the sovereign territory of Armenia, to keep the Armenian POWs as hostages, dehumanize the Armenian people on state level, and then come to this hemicycle and beautifully talk about peace,” Hayrapetyan stated.

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