Europe needs to punish, not reward the actions of Aliyev and Erdogan – MEP Charlie Weimers

Following its Turkey-backed war of conquest, Azeri soldiers have desecrated graves, churches and tortured, even killed, Armenian civilians and POWs, MEP Charlie Weimers (Sweden) said at the Debate on “Recent developments in the Eastern Partnership.”

He stressed that “Europe needs to punish, not reward the actions of Aliyev and Erdogan.”

He called attention to the torture of Armenian civilians and prisoners of war, mutilation of corpses, desecration of churches and tombstones.

“While troops marched victoriously through Baku, Turkey’s inspiring sultan, President Erdogan revered the souls that committed the Armenian Genocide, the Islamic army of the Caucasus. Armenia’s capital and several provinces were declared historical Azerbaijani lands by Azerbaijan’s dictator President Aliyev,” Charlie Weimers stated.

“Azerbaijan is an EU Eastern Partnership country, which means we shower them with EU funds, That needs to stop. We need sanctions against Azerbaijan and Turkey for their neo-Ottoman war of aggression,” the MEP stressed.

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