Coronavirus-related situation in Armenia shows signs of stabilization – PM

There are vague and initial signs of stabilization of the coronavirus-related situation in Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told a daily briefing today.

“We cannot definitely state that the situation has stabilized, but there are initial prerequisites,” Pashinyan added.

While the stabilization has taken place on a very high level, it still allows the country’s health system to tackle the situation, the Prime Minister stated.

“We see that the number of people that need hospitalization is decreasing, and if the trend is maintained, we’ll be able to solve all issues related to hospitalization and will proceed to the stage of overcoming the coronavirus and decreasing the number to zero,” the Prime Minister stated.

He said that strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures remains key to overcoming the situation.

“It’s obvious that most citizens wear masks and follow anti-epidemic rules. However, we do not have the desirable results, as 1,800 citizens were fined for violating the rules b 3 pm today,” he stated.

According to the Prime Minister, non-compliance with rules during funerals and weddings remains the main challenge.  

Armenia has so far confirmed 14,103 cases of coronavirus, 5,226 people have recovered, 227 deaths have been reported.

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