The Telegraph lists Armenia among “unusual holiday destinations” for culturally curious travelers

The Telegraph has included Armenia among unusual holiday destinations for those seeking new experiences.

“Some of Christianity’s most resonant religious beacons dot awesome Armenia, including the  10th-century Haghpat mountain monastery, a church where the Robe of Christ allegedly lies, and the world’s oldest cathedral at Etchmiadzin, on the way to the lively and cultured capital, Yerevan,” The Telegraph writes.

“Step back in time exploring the traditional old town of Dilijan – dubbed the little Switzerland of Armenia – and be enchanted by Lake Sevan. You’ll also learn how to make Lavash bread, and discover the Armenian brandy that was one of Winston Churchill’s favorite tipples,” the author advises.

Other destinations on the list are Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Ecuador and Galapagos.

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