Armenian by choice: Daniel Decker to perform an all-Armenian concert in Yerevan on October 10





Composer and singer Daniel Decker will perform with the Armenian State Orchestra of National Musical Instruments on October 10. The concert to be held at Aram Khachaturian Hall is organized by Mezzo Production.

Daniel Decker – an Armenian by choice – has a special attitude towards the Armenian nation, and has even changed his surname into Deckeryan.

“This is something I have been waiting for a very long time,” Decker told reporters today. “This is my 16th visit to Armenia, and I hope will be one of many more,” the singer added.

“Over the years I have come to be very connected with the Armenian people. Last year I became a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. So, as I often say, “I’m Armenian not by birth, but I’m Armenian by choice,” Daniel Decker said.

The concert will be the first one to be presented entirely in the Armenian language.

“It’s a gift to the Armenian nation. I want to say that I’m with you, I’m one of you, I support you, and we should be proud to be called Armenian. One of the messages I’d like to convey to Armenians is that although Armenians are spread across the world in the Diaspora, we can still be united as one voice. By uniting our voices we can see that the Genocide is recognized, we can see that Armenia as a nation moves forward,” the musician said.

“I’m confident that the best days for the Armenian nation are not in the past, they are in the future, because we work together for a common cause,” he added.

Daniel Decker said the concert is a product of cooperation, where he will have the chance to perform his most favorite Armenian songs. Daniel Decker and composer Ara Gevorgyan will present their new song “Araks.”

Turkish Armenian singer Sibil, founder of the “The Beautified Project” Andre Simpnyan, singers Nune Yesayan, Hamlet Gevorgyan and Eva Yeganian will be special guests at the concert.

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