Serj Tankian composing the music for new Armenian Genocide film

Serj Tankian is composing the music to 1915 The Movie, a new film about the Armenian Genocide.

“Grammy Award winning musician Serj Tankian is composing a hauntingly beautiful original score for 1915 The Movie. Internationally celebrated as the frontman for System of a Down, and for his symphonies Elect the Dead and Orca, Tankian will be making his feature film debut as the composer of 1915,” reads a post on the movie’s official Facebook page.

“1915 is an incredible feature film full of rich trauma, profundity, suspense, and some magic all while remaining picturesque and modern — a rarity in today’s films. I am relishing in creating the musical world for it,” Serj Tankian says.

A mind-bending psychological thriller set against one of the most terrifying events of modern history, 1915 The Movie follows one man’s controversial mission to bring the ghosts of a forgotten genocide back to life.

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