Serj Tankian supports the launching of soup kitchen program for needy elderly in Vanadzor

On February 17, 2014, Orran Vanadzor will launch a soup kitchen program for 30 needy elderly of the city.  The program is being financed by the generous donation of world renowned vocal artist Serj Tankian and his wife Ange.

The elderly will come to Orran in late morning to receive a hot meal and to spend some time socializing with one another and with some of the children.  The program is based on the Yerevan Orran program where since the year 2000 over 55 elderly have been benefiting from Orran’s daily meal program.

Currently 65 economically deprived children attend Orran Vanadzor and receive a hot meal, medical,, social, psychological and tutorial services.  The children also obtain vocational training and participate in a rich cultural program.  Orran Vanadzor has been in existence since the year 2009.

“Because of limited funds, we could not take in the elderly as we do in Yerevan Orran’ explains Armine K. Hovannisian founder of Orran.  “When Serj Tankian and his wife Ange asked how they could help Orran Vanandzor, I gave them a few options.  They instantly took an interest in the plight of the elderly and within days made a personal contribution to make sure that in this harsh winter the really needy elderly could at least have one hot meal a day and a warm place to feel cared for”.

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