Armenia-EU Association Agreement at the core of the presidential meeting in Warsaw

Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski received today visiting Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. The meeting of the Presidents was followed by a joint press conference.

During the meeting with the media President Komorowski expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Armenian President to Poland. “I am convinced that reciprocal presidential visits are justified not only because of the historical ties, cultural, economic and political issues, but also have their reasons related to the pursuit of Armenia to sign an association agreement with the EU,” said Bronislaw Komorowski, according to the official website of the President of Poland.

Bronislaw Komorowski expressed his belief that the visit of the President of Armenia is not only a tribute to the past, but also a sign of determination to maintain the special relationship between the two nations today and in the future.

The President of Armenia, in turn, predicted a positive future for the development of bilateral cooperation. He pointed to a positive trend in the development of cultural, economic, military-technical cooperation.

Serzh Sargsyan congratulated Poland for economic success, expressing interest in the development of Armenia’s economic relations with the Polish side. He said he is not satisfied with the present level of economic cooperation with Poland and voiced hope that the ties would further develop.

The following agreements were signed between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Poland in the presence of the Presidents of the two countries:

1 Agreement between the Government of the PolishRepublic and the Government of the Republic of Armenia on international road transport communication;

2 Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia on Cooperation in the field of agriculture;

3 Memorandum between the Polish Customs Service and the Committee for the State Revenue Agency of the Republic of Armenia on the fight against customs fraud and the development of partnerships;

4 Joint declaration on cooperation in the field of environmental protection between the Polish Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia.

After a visit to the Presidential Palace, Serzh Sargsyan laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Then the President of Armenia will take part in the ceremony of opening of the “Square of Armenia” in Warsaw.

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