AFP: Opposition try to turn mayoral elections in Yerevan into a referendum on Sargsyan’s victory

Armenians in the capital Yerevan vote Sunday in a mayoral election that the country’s weakened opposition hopes would see them claw back momentum from President Serzh Sargsyan reelection, AFP writes, referring to the elections for the City Council of Yerevan.

The agency reminds that several opposition parties are taking part in the vote for Mayor of Yerevan after they failed to put up candidates for the presidential poll in February.

”Opposition leaders have attempted to turn Sunday’s vote in Yerevan – where over a third of Armenia’s roughly 3.2 million inhabitants live – into a referendum on Sargsyan’s February victory, after a spate of street protests fizzled out,” the report reads.

According to AFP, analysts have said that Sargsyan’s Republican Party remained the favorite to retain control over Yerevan and cautioned that the opposition was trying to inflate the importance of Sunday’s polls.

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