Small greenhouses to be promoted in Armenia

Armenian Harvest Promotion Center (AHPC) has initiated the small greenhouses development process, which aims to enable individual farmers and farmer households to construct and operate high tech, energy saving and high yield film (plastic) greenhouses.

For this purpose AHPC works with French, Dutch, and Israeli greenhouse construction companies. AHPC has already received construction proposals for several types of greenhouses of 400 and more square meters.  Depending on the size and type of the greenhouse, the price for 1 square meter will vary from $12- $30.

Works are also carried out for installment of drip irrigation, heating as well as alternative heating systems, which will reduce heating, irrigation and fertilizer usage costs thus increasing greenhouses’ effectiveness and competitiveness. The mentioned systems can also be installed in earlier built greenhouses.

The CEO of AHPC, Aleksan Arakelyan mentioned that “We are ready to support farmers to construct new plastic greenhouses and install drip irrigation and heating systems in existing ones.”

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