Presidency commends Armenia’s recognition of the State of Palestine

The Palestinian Presidency has commended the Republic of Armenia’s decision to officially recognize the State of Palestine as an independent and sovereign nation, WAFA reports.

In a press statement, the Presidency expressed deep appreciation for “this courageous and significant decision,” viewing it as a “pivotal step towards enhancing bilateral relations and fostering peace and stability in the region.”

The Presidency thanked Armenia for its “bold and wise move, which underscores the strong bonds of friendship between the two nations.” It also commended the commitment of the government and people of Armenia to supporting the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights to their land and to self-determination.

“Armenia’s wise decision aligns with the principles of the two-state solution, a strategic choice that upholds international will and legitimacy. This recognition contributes positively to preserving the two-state solution, which faces systematic challenges, and promotes security, peace, and stability for all parties involved,” said the Presidency.

The Palestinian leadership urged other nations, particularly European countries that have yet to recognize the State of Palestine, to follow suit.

The Presidency called on these nations to emulate the recent recognitions by Spain, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, and Armenia, which “have chosen to support the path towards peace, stability, and the reinforcement of international law.”

The Palestinian leadership extended its gratitude to all the friendly countries and peoples who have contributed to reaching this milestone.

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