Political consultations held between Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Moldova

On June 19, in Chisinau, political consultations were held between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Moldova. The consultations were conducted by Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Mnatsakan Safaryan and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova Sergiu Mihov.

During the consultations, the parties commended the dynamics of relations developing on a friendly basis and discussed cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats as well as the ways of further promoting it.

Views were exchanged on the prospects of cooperation in the spheres of trade, transport, tourism and energy. The importance of activating the work of the bilateral intergovernmental commission was touched upon.

The Moldovan side was presented with the situation in the region resulting from Azerbaijan’s aggression and the occupation of the sovereign territory of Armenia, as well as the efforts of the Republic of Armenia aimed at normalizing relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Mnatsakan Safaryan briefed the Moldovan delegation on the “Crossroad of Peace” initiative presented by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, which aims to ensure stability and economic development in the region.

The parties also touched upon various international and regional security issues, as well as the European integration agenda.

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