Flash grenades used as protesters clash with Police on Baghramyan Avenue

The Police used flash grenades as tensions flared on Baghramyan Avenue.

Supporters of the Tavush for the Motherland Movement led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan are holding a rally in front of the National Assembly, while a Q&A session is under way inside the building.

The police “justly used flash grenades,” Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan said at the National Assembly.

The Police earlier urged protesters and organizers of the rally to refrain from unlawful actions and not to provoke clashes.

In a statement, the Police said some participants of the rally at the intersection of Baghramyan Avenue and Demirchyan Street threw bottles at police officers, grabbed the policemen’s helmets and batons while trying to break through the police wall.

“Any illegal behavior will be penalized accordingly,” the Police said.

The protesters claim that there are provocateurs in their ranks who “throw bottles at law enforcement officers.”

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