Heroic May battles of cornerstone importance in the restoration of Armenian statehood – Catholicos Karekin II

His Holiness Karekin II, SUpreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, has issued a congratulatory message and sent blessings and best wishes to Armenian around the world on the occasion of the Republic Day.

“The historical events of the heroic May battles were of cornerstone importance in the restoration of Armenian statehood, the creation of the First Republic of Armenia and the reawakening of our national life. Having survived the terrible tragedy of the Armenian Genocide, our people fought a life and death struggle and won their glorious victories,” the Catholicos said.

“In these days, when we are facing serious security threats and existential issues, it is imperative that we stand united, indomitable and steadfast against the internal and external challenges storming our national life,” he added.

“Beloved, on the occasion of the Republic Day, it is my wish that for the sake of establishing peace and dignified existence in our domestic life, with purposeful commitment and love for our country, we undertake to overcome the calamities and trials that have befallen us and build a strong and safe state. Let us drive away destructive indifference, dispel the atmosphere of enmity and hatred, so that we can establish security and peace in our lives with a hopeful and powerful spirit of unity,” teh Catholicos said.

“We pray that the Heavenly Lord will protect and help our people to firmly hold our God-given freedom and independent statehood and make our cherished motherland prosperous,” he concluded.

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