Armenian Ambassador discusses Crossroads of Peace initiative with Ireland’s Minister for European Affairs

On May 14th, Armenia’s Ambassador to UK Varuzhan Nersesyan met with Dr. Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Minister for European Affairs of Ireland.

Ambassador Nersesyan expressed gratitude for Minister Jennifer Carroll MacNeill’s receptive engagement and underscored the importance Armenia places on continued collaboration between with Ireland both bilaterally and within the European Union.

Ambassador Nersesyan highlighted the necessity of addressing Azerbaijan’s ethnic cleansing of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, highlighting the devastating events of last September. The Ambassador provided detailed insights into the repercussions of these actions, emphasizing the necessity for international attention to assist Armenia in dealing with this humanitarian crisis.

Central to the discussions was Armenia’s Crossroads of Peace proposal, which is aimed at fostering cooperation and stability in the region. Ambassador Nersesyan stressed that the proposal is rooted in principles of reciprocity, equality, and the respect of sovereignty, he reaffirmed that the proposal seeks to unblock all transport routes and communications, laying the groundwork for inclusive dialogue and sustainable peace. The Ambassador elaborated on the proposal’s vision, highlighting its potential to facilitate constructive engagement among neighboring states and pave the way for comprehensive regional development.

Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity to delve into the ongoing process of normalizing Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. Ambassador Nersesyan shared insights into recent developments and reiterated Armenia’s commitment to diplomatic solutions and peaceful coexistence. In this regard, he underlined the importance of the Alma-Ata declaration as a foundation for a future peace between the two countries.

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